Today we want to give you an update on our $100,000 real money account and explain why we currently have a small “minus” to manage.

Current account balance in the $100,000 real money account

As of today, the account balance amounts to $98,393.70, which is a minus of 1.61%. This minus is mainly due to 3 aspects:

  • Initially, we had the background account in EUR because we speculated that the exchange rate would be in our favor. We abandoned this “trade idea” after a few days and realized a loss of about $1,800
  • The majority of the trades, which are also issued on a monthly basis, are based on the RUSSEL2000 (RUT) and aim to generate a steady income. This can usually be done well if the RUT moves moderately. If you take a look at the RUT in the last 8 weeks, then you will find that the movements there were above average and relatively quickly changed direction. This resulted in a loss of over $3,000.
  • Another trade that is still active is our soy crush spread. This spread exploits an extreme in futures contracts among soybeans, soybean oil and soybean meal. This spread is currently running against us and is reaching ever more extreme areas. We stick to this trade and even reserve the right to add further positions, which is in line with our trading rules. The loss of this spread is currently around $3,400.

These 3 aspects are simply part of trading and are by no means mistakes. It is important that you do not violate self-imposed trading rules, especially with regard to money management, and those daily fluctuations remain manageable. In the following picture, you can see the daily fluctuations in our account:

Primarily, of course, we want to minimize the downside volatility and maximize it upwards. But as you know, opportunities always go hand-in-hand with risks. The goal regarding this picture is not to increase the peaks to the upside, but maximize their nominal number.

Current positions in the $100,000 real money account

All positions and their management are always provided immediately in our Premium Service via the Signal Community so that no Premium Member misses important information.

This is how it currently looks like in our CapTrader account:

The overview shows that the soy crush spread under “TOTAL futures” with the positions ZL, ZM and ZS is under heavy pressure. What you can also see are the 4 calendar spreads in natural gas (NG), WTI oil (CL), lean hogs (HE) and wheat (ZW). 3 of them are in the plus and are close to the time to take profit.

Overall development in July

July has been pretty good for us so far and we’ve been able to beat common benchmarks such as the S&P500 (SPX), meaning we are performing even better than S&P500 (SPX). As you can see the blue line indicating in the chart is our 100K account performance, which is above the green line (SPX), meaning we are performing better than S&P500:”

How can I be informed immediately about new positions?

In our Premium Service, you will be notified immediately in the Signal Community when we open a new position, change an existing position, or close a position. Of course, the premium service offers much more than just the signal community.


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