Unfortunately, not much came together in November, and we have parted company with some lossy positions. But even the rally on the stock markets was not conducive to our option constructs in the real money account.

November performance in the real money account

We started the month of November with a balance of $126,290.05 and stood at $121,939.19 on November 30, which represents a 3.44% loss.

Winning trades

  • Short Puts on Sugar (SB) at $1,299.20
  • Short Puts in Sugar (SB) at $425.60
  • Simple Put Butterfly in Russell 2000 (RUT) with $497.00

Losing trades

  • Complex Put Butterfly in Russell 2000 (RUT) with $1,241.00
  • Gold-silver spread at $11,087.00
  • Short Puts on Natural Gas (NG) at $1,491.20
  • Complex Put Butterfly in Russell 2000 (RUT) with $1,538.40

Calculating all realized trades results in a realized loss of $13,135.80. The change in the balance in November clearly shows that these losses have already been spread over the past few months and that the crash in November is only modest. The hopes that we put on the gold-silver spread did not come to fruition, but at some point, we had to pull the ripcord.

November performance in comparison

The following picture shows when we compare our real money account with the known benchmarks:

Unfortunately, we were beaten by all benchmarks in November with our real money account.

Now comes the day when we have the same performance as the S&P500. There is certainly no shame in this, especially as the S&P500 has performed quite decently, but of course, we have a different claim.

Current positions in our real money account

These positions are currently open:

Screenshot of 2.12. at 11:32

After separating from the gold-silver spread, we now feel free and look very positively into the future. This position had an overwhelming influence on our account and did not develop as desired.

Currently, we have very few positions open, and unfortunately, they are suffering under the rising Russell 2000 (RUT). Should the Russell 2000 tend to move sideways or even down in December, we should have a good month ahead of the chest.

Overview of past 3 months reports

Here you can find the individual reports of our real money account of the last 3 months:

How can I discuss these trades and receive them as a signal?

In our Premium Service, you will immediately know when a new trade is opened, closed or managed. You can also just join the signal community.


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