The stock markets moved sideways in March, but fortunately not in our account. Here it pays off that we are very widely spread. Many commodities made an impressive rally, and we benefited greatly. The result is a record month in our real money account.

March Performance

We started the month of March with a balance of $107,422.66, and we are at $129,857.06 on March 31, 2019, which represents a 20.83% percentage gain. In the meantime, our real money account reached an all-time high of $135,000.00.

Winning Trades

  • Simple Put Butterfly in Russell 2000 (RUT) $730.40
  • Calendar Spread in Amazon (AMZN) $418.00
  • Short Put in Wheat (ZW) $358.20

Losing Trades

  • Simple Put Butterfly in Russell 2000 (RUT) $1,009.60

As you can see, the realized gains in our real money account are only $497.00, which is relatively modest. But where does the high profit in the real money account come from? This profit was not realized at the end of the month, but was largely closed on 1st of March. In total, unrealized gains amount to $25,665.00.

March performance in comparison

The following picture shows when we compare our account with the known benchmarks:

Current positions in our real money account

These positions are currently open:

Screenshot from 01.04. at 9:59

Striking is the big win in Lean Hogs (HE), which was realized yesterday afternoon.

Overview of past 3 months reports

Here you can find the individual reports of the last 3 months:

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