The short month of February was pretty good on the financial markets, but unfortunately not in our $100,000 real money account. One reason is the rising Russell 2000. Its incessant price appreciation led to losses in our butterflies. Here’s a look back at January.

February Performance

We started the month of February with a balance of $112,136.80 and stand at $107,657.84 on the 28/02/2019, which represents a -3.99% loss.

Winning trades

  • Earnings trade in Amazon (AMZN) $240.60
  • Call Christmas Tree in Gold (GC) $2,902.00
  • Simple Put Butterfly in Russell 2000 (RUT) $790.40

Losing trades

  • Complex Put Butterfly in Russell 2000 (RUT) $1,460.00
  • Complex Put Butterfly in Russell 2000 (RUT) $1,240.00
  • TUT Spread in US bonds $1,021.81

The total of all positions closed in February is $211.19. In addition to these results, there are still losses realized when managing positions that only appear when closing in a report.

The currently unrealized gains amount to approximately $3,400.

February performance in comparison

The following picture shows when we compare our account with the known benchmarks:

Current positions in our account

These positions are currently open:

Screenshot from 01.03.19 at 12:37

There is nothing special to emphasize, as no position is especially in plus or minus. In general, we currently have very few open positions and plenty of margin and cash free for new spots.

How can I discuss these trades and receive them as a signal?

In our Premium Service, you will immediately know when a new trade is opened, closed or managed. You can also just join the signal community.