After setting a fantastic record month in March, April was a bit sluggish. While we were able to make good money from our income strategies on the Russell 2000, some commodities did not quite go our way. All in all, we have closed many trades in profit. However, since these gains were included in unrealized performance gains in March, the April performance in our real money account did not improve.

April performance

We started the month of April with a balance of $132,097.34 and stood at $131,293.03 on April 30, which represents a 1.79% loss.

Winning trades

  • Long in Lean Hogs (HE) $16,226.00
  • Simple Put Butterfly in Russell 2000 (RUT) $940.00
  • Short Puts in Cotton (CT) $1,123.20
  • Short Calls in Coffee (KC) $826.95
  • Complex Put Butterfly in the Russell 2000 (RUT) $687.80
  • Short Puts in Sugar (SB) $1,288.00
  • Simple Put Butterfly in the Russell 2000 (RUT) $1,646.40
  • Long in Oats (ZO) $586.00
  • Short calls in Lean Hogs (HE) $1,108.00
  • Complex Put Butterfly in Russell 2000 (RUT) $668.20

Losing trades

  • Long Orange Juice (OJ) $2,631.00
  • Calendar Spread in Spyder (SPY) $442.20
  • Short Puts in Wheat (ZW) $1,397.40

The realized gains in our real money account are immensely high at $20,669.95 but are based on March performance. The unrealized gains on open positions currently amount to approximately $5,400.

April performance in comparison

The following picture shows when we compare our account with the known benchmarks:

Current positions in our real money account

These positions are currently open:

Screenshot from 02.05. at 11 am

Currently, there are no special features that require a more detailed explanation. The only problem child is currently our trade in lean hogs (HE), which is not quite in our favor.

Overview of past 3 months reports

Here you can find the individual reports of our real money account of the last 3 months:

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