We have great news for you. As of today, we officially launched our own $100,000 real money trading account at CapTrader. As a Tradimo Premium member you have the opportunity to see our Tradimo coaches Matthias Denecke and Matthias Knopf as well as Sebastian J. Kuhnert (Tradimo founder and CEO) trade and manage this new account.

tradimo trading account team optimisedPicture: The Tradimo Trading Account Team from left to right: Matthias Denecke, Matthias Knopf and Sebastian J. Kuhnert

The goal is very clear. We want to beat the market in the long term and prove with real money that proprietary trading and consistently investing into your own education via the Tradimo trading and investment courses and Nanodiplomas™ is rewarding. You will receive regular updates, transparently and easy to understand, so that you can improve your own trading.

Tradimo Echtgeld Konto bei CapTrader

Screenshot: Tradimo real money account at CapTrader, one of the best brokers in Germany – Here you can see both the account balance of $100,156.56 and that we have access to $400,626.25 with this deposit due to the account type we have chosen (margin account). However, if you want to make use of these opportunities as a trader, you should first pass our margin course, which also addresses the peculiarities of this specific trading account configuration.

Why we trade with real money

In addition to total transparency, we want to show you that Tradimo provides you with a sustainable and well-founded education that enables you to trade your own money successfully. A real money account helps us create indisputable proof of our trading philosophy, because real money trading results speak their own truth. We look forward to engaging discussions with our community and inquisitive questions regarding our trades.

Why we’ve chosen CapTrader as broker

CapTrader offers not only one of the most affordable ways to trade (from 2 EUR per trade) and excellent support as well as professional management that we have gotten to know personally and hold in high regard, but also access to to all regulated financial instruments worldwide which allows us to realise trades of the following asset classes and financial instruments:

  • Stocks, Indices and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Currencies (Forex)
  • Bonds
  • Commodities
  • Options
  • Futures
  • Contracts for Difference (CFDs)

Long-term stock investments can also be lent to traders who want to short those stocks for a fee, of course, which then counts as our income.

Your personal advantage of our new live trading account

In the live trading account we implement the signals from the Tradimo Signal Community, which we send you in real time through our Premium Signal Community. These should primarily serve your practical education and help you improve your trading. Nevertheless, we want to show you that we are 100% convinced of our strategies.

In addition, you will only learn strategies that we use ourselves, be it privately or with the Tradimo account. We believe that the wheel does not have to be reinvented and that the best strategies are those that work sustainably for decades.

Through our updates you also get insight into all traded strategies and our thoughts on the respective positions. How do we manage our trades? What are we paying attention to? How do we arrive at our trading plan? As a Tradimo Premium member, you can always ask us questions about our trades at any time in the community or by email.

Our trading is designed so that all strategies are suitable for hard working people worldwide, because we rely on time-efficient trading and investment.

The strategies traded

We have setups for every trader and investor in our portfolio. Stocks, forex, options, we take advantage of every instrument and you can follow every strategy live. We will mark each of our signals so you know exactly where our idea comes from and which strategy it refers to.

In our regular Premium Webinars we answer all questions about our strategies and explain the implementation for you. We want to teach you our strategies and teach you the basics for your own trading and investment.

Trading goals with our real money account

Our ultimate goal is very clear: We want to provide you with added value. Of course we also pursue goals with our real money account. We want to achieve long-term returns of between 20-60% per annum with efficient time management. With our strategies, this is scalable up to a capital of about 5 million euros, then we will transfer the excess profits into a separate trading account with other trading strategies.

The market analysis takes place once a week, where we look and take notes for potential setups for the upcoming trading week. The implementation and the management of the positions should take 15-30 minutes per day.

Of course we adhere to a strict money management. This is what it looks like:

  • We usually do not risk more than 1% in a single trade, with some strategies changing to 2.5%.
    • Exceptions require the approval of at least 3 coaches.
  • We do not open positions with more than 10% margin, measured by account size.
  • The deposited margin may not exceed 60% of the account size.

Trade and invest successfully with Tradimo

We want to offer you the best learning experience and have created excellent conditions for this. The Tradimo education consists of:

  • Regular live webinars with our coaches
  • Your NanodiplomaTM consisting of online courses, quizzes and practical projects, supervised by your Tradimo Coach
  • Insight into the Tradimo real money trading account
  • Access to our exclusive Tradimo Premium Slack Community
    • Including signal service
    • Live Trading Chat with the coaches
    • Analysis of your trades
  • Prioritized email support

Learn, test, evaluate – With our Premium Service, you can repeat these phases several times and can thus constantly improve yourself. You learn everything you need to succeed in trading and investing, test your acquired knowledge with quizzes, hands-on projects and on your demo account, and receive personal feedback from our coaches to improve yourself.

Trades received immediately as a signal

All our Premium Members receive the trades we make in our $100,000 real money account directly in our Signal Community.


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