We have great news for you. As of today, we have officially launched our new real money trading account at markets.com. This account will be traded by our Coach, Orlando Gutierrez, and all Premium Members will have the opportunity to trade with him. This new real money account is only focused on Forex and Gold.

After 145 trade ideas sent to our Premium Members, we have decided to track the results through this new account with one clear goal in mind: Long Term Equity Growth.

Screenshot: Tradimo Forex and Gold real money account at markets.com. Here you can see the starting balance of $5,000.00 after the deposit was made and the first trade.

Why we trade with real money

The main reason is full transparency for our Premium Members and the overall trading community. But there is more. We want to show you that long term profitability is more about risk management and math than it is about accuracy. Don’t get us wrong, accuracy is key, but correctly managing your risk is what will keep you in the game long term. “The only thing you can control is your risk”. Now that we’re discussing this it seems appropriate to lay down the rules under which this account will be traded.

Risk management and overall trading rules

All trades taken with this account will risk no more than 1% of the equity, with trades risking less than 1%. Every time a trade is made a signal in our Signal Community and the risk taken will be available for everyone to see. On average, the risk taken will be 0.5% of the equity.

A few other important rules:

There will be no doubling down on currencies. This means that if we are looking to short the US Dollar, for example, we will choose one currency pair to do so and will not enter different trades on different currency pairs for one single currency bias.

There will not be hedging with this account.

There will be time stops in place. This means that if we enter a trade and price action has been trading without any real direction for 24 hours, he will close the trade no matter what.

The basic risk to reward ratio rules. We will not enter any positions with less than a 1:2 risk to reward ratio.

Basic profit-taking rules. Partial profits are taken at different targets.

The great thing about being a Premium Member is that you get to follow this in REAL TIME and you get all the trades sent to you as signals as well as all the management of the trades through our Signal Community.

Strategies traded

The strategies traded are based on a global macro. All entries are technical entries based on key levels and patterns, but the overall bias to look for a setup is based on the overall strength or weakness of a given currency. We explain every single one of our trades on video recordings where our coach goes through his thought process in our Signal Community.

Your personal advantage of our new live trading account

By following our live Forex and Gold trades in our Signal Community, you will easily learn all the strategies our coaches personally implement. We believe simple is better and that nothing is worth following but price action itself.

We will be sharing all results at the end of the month for transparency purposes with the exact percentage growth or decline of the account’s equity.

Trading goals with our new real money account

We have stated this before; our ultimate goal is long term profitability and equity growth, and by reaching this goal we will provide you with the added value you expect from a real-money trading educational service.

With the risk management and trading rules stated before we aim at a monthly equity growth of 3% per month with a target of 30% return per year. Since we trade the currency markets, the scalability of our strategy is limitless with a starting $5000.00 deposit.

Disclaimer: All the trade ideas, signals and analysis are for educational purposes only. Tradimo cannot be liable for any losses you suffer.