Bitcoin keeps attracting high profile investors, funds, companies of all sizes, as well as retail investors. Because the conviction in Bitcoin is growing, many interesting companies were created in this space.

Interestingly, even public companies started to convert parts of their balance sheets into Bitcoin. The reasoning behind it is simple: why keep your earnings in an inflationary fiat currency, when you can instead have a deflationary asset like Bitcoin. Concretely this means: are companies willing to trade short term stability of the USD and long term devaluation, with short term volatility of Bitcoin, but long term growth.

We want to showcase different ways you can earn Bitcoin and yield on a regular basis.

1. Convert part of your salary into Bitcoin with Coinbase

Timing the market is hard, that’s why instead you could convert part of your salary automatically into Bitcoin. How can this be done? You can set up a recurring wire to Coinbase, for when you receive your paycheck, and then set up an automatic buy order on Coinbase. Voila, you just converted a part of your salary into BTC.

Sign up to Coinbase and get $10 in Bitcoin, after you buy $100 in Bitcoin.


2. Spend $ and earn Bitcoin cashback automatically with BlockFi

BlockFi has a suite of products for Bitcoin investors, including the BlockFi interest bearing account. For example you could send EUR or USD to your BlockFi account, and get yield in BTC. It works by converting your fiat into a stablecoin, which then yields 8% APY, which you can convert into BTC, which further earns up to 4.5% APY.

BlockFi also recently released a Bitcoin rewards credit card, where you can earn Bitcoin cashback on every purchase. The metal card currently offers 1.5% Bitcoin cashback, along with many other perks. Instead of spending crypto, you can spend $ and earn Bitcoin.

Sign up to an account with the code 32b21235 and get $10 in BTC, by depositing $100 in BTC and keeping it there for 30 days.


3. Put your Bitcoin in an interest bearing account with Celsius Network

Similar to BlockFi, Celsius Network offers yield on many crypto assets, including Bitcoin of course. Celsius pays 6.2% APY up to 1 BTC, and has the big advantage of giving free withdrawals. The interest is paid weekly on every Monday. Celsius also promises a Bitcoin rewards credit card, which should come soon.

Use the code 18484669d5 during sign up to get $50 in Bitcoin when transferring $400 in BTC and keeping it for 30 days.


4. Earn interest on your crypto with Nexo

Another leading lending platform to earn yield on Bitcoin is Nexo. If you want to earn Bitcoin yield on Nexo, you get up to 8% APY (if you also own NEXO tokens). The base rate is 4% APY on a flexible term (withdraw anytime), or 5% when you select a monthly fixed term.

You can get $10 in Bitcoin by using the code tgpvh42saw and depositing $100 in Bitcoin.


5. Walk, play chess, complete surveys, and shop for free Bitcoin with sMiles

The sMiles app makes it easy to earn Bitcoin for doing steps, playing chess and a fortune wheel game, and completing surveys. You’ll have to open the app daily to claim these rewards. Withdrawals of Bitcoin happen on the Lightning Network, which is a layer 2 solution for free and instant Bitcoin transfers. Soon sMiles plans to release Bitcoin cashback shopping. 

Download sMiles if you want to earn free Bitcoin.


6. Buy gift cards at select merchants and get Bitcoin cashback with the Fold app

The Fold App focuses on a Bitcoin rewards debit card, which is connected to its in app fortune wheel. By making purchases with the card (currently US only), you get additional chances to win free Bitcoin. If you don’t have a card, or are based outside the US, you can also buy gift cards using a credit card. As a reward you will earn free Bitcoin cashback.

Sign up to Fold here.


7. Shop at different retailers and get Bitcoin cashback with lolli

Lolli has a browser plugin, which enables you to earn Bitcoin at many retailers. Currently, lolli gives Bitcoin rewards only for US users, but with some deals giving up to 30% Bitcoin cashback. Once a purchase has been made, it might take up to 90 days to confirm the reward.

Download the lolli browser plugin here and use the code TGP9H9 for $5 in Bitcoin when you shop.


8. Binance staking rewards

Binance is a leading crypto exchange, with a variety of different advanced trading products. One of the simplest approaches however, is to use the Binance staking product (Binance acts as the intermediary here). By staking your Bitcoin or other crypto, you can earn yield with 0.5% APY on a flexible term, and up to 2.12% APY on fixed term. Note that these rates constantly change according to market conditions. But once you lock in a rate, that rate stays the same for the locked period.

If you sign up to Binance with the code BRR69A4S, you’ll get reduced trading fees.


9. Compare different APY rates of Bitcoin and other crypto assets on HodlCompare

HodlCompare lets you compare crypto lending platforms to earn yield on your crypto assets – not only in Bitcoin, but also in stable coins, etc. You can see up to date monthly APYs, and make smarter choices on where you want to deploy your Bitcoin or other crypto assets.


10. Browse with Brave Browser

Brave is a browser which has strong out of the box privacy features, ad blocking, and malware protection. Additionally you can see Brave ads (can be disabled), where part of the advertiser’s budget is being rewarded to you in the form of BAT tokens. The tokens are sent to your Uphold wallet, from where you can convert the earned BAT into BTC. Usually this can come up to several $ per month, depending on your location. You can decide if it’s worth switching a browser, by getting paid for doing it.

Download Brave here for free.