The Tradimo real money account has existed since May 2018 and has experienced both good and bad weeks as well as good and bad months. During the two best months, we achieved a return of 17%. But now we have managed almost 15% in a single week. You will learn what drove our account so much in this article.

Record weeks are not our goal

Before we go into more detail about the triggers of this performance, let’s briefly clarify that our goal is not to make as much return as possible per week. We are aware that steady returns with low risk lead to the goal. We have already explained this in a previous article, “100% in 3 years is not rocket science“, so there is an example that a monthly return of 2% is perfectly sufficient to double the account’s assets in 3 years. Nevertheless, we are thrilled to have had a great week in which a lot came together for us.

What led to the record week?

We finished the 10th calendar week on March 8th with a balance of $108,144.32, and the account balance on March 15th was $123,987.84.

Single values for the boost

Lean Hogs (HE)

HE raised $11, which equates to $8,800 on 2 contracts.

Frozen Orange Juice (Orange Juice, OJ)

OJ gained $0.08, which equates to $3,600 on 3 contracts.

Besides these two heavyweights, some of our equity positions continued to gain momentum, and we made gains in a calendar spread on Amazon and a put butterfly on Russell 2000.

Current Positions

So it currently looks like this in our real money account:

Trade #100

But it’s not only the terrific record week that gives us cause for joy. Yesterday, we opened the 100th trade in our real money account. We attach great importance to a very transparent approach and offer all our premium members the opportunity to see and discuss these trades immediately after opening.

100 trades in almost 10 months are not much and do not require much time. Everyone can do this kind of trading as a professional!

We also recently set up a forex community where many more trades are discussed and implemented on smaller time frames. Again, all premium members can use this service for free.