Our account did not grow in May, but we were able to set up other very promising trades without any losses. Basically, it is a good result when you consider that we fell significantly on the markets in the second week of May.

May performance in real money account

We started May with an account balance of $225,456.13 and stood at $225,645.68 on May 31st, a percentage gain of 0.08%.

We have been moving with the market for months and have to continue to wait for outperformance. It is our aim to clearly beat the market. The comparison since the start of the real money account exactly 3 years ago proves that we can do this.

Winning trades

  • Short in the calendar spread on the VIX (VIX) at + $3,590.48

Losing trades

We started many new trades in May, as can be seen in the overview of all positions below. We only closed one trade, which also shows that our trading style does not require a lot of time.

Performance since the start of the real money account

Since the start of the real money account, we have achieved an overall performance of 125%.

5/21 Inception

The real money account had its birthday on May 10th and it was 3 years old. We can be proud of this performance with 125% in 3 years and 3 actively experienced Black Swans.

For comparison, the development of the known benchmarks over the same period:

5/21 Benchmarks

We are still very far ahead of the comparative benchmarks and want to expand this lead even more. The aim is to increase the account tenfold within 10 years, i.e. to crack 1 million.

Current positions in our real money account

We currently have these positions open:

5/21 Position1

5/21 Position2

Screenshot 01.06.2021 9:25 a.m.

For the first time we had to take 2 screenshots due to the many positions. Since we want to hedge our portfolio in the future in order to continue to beat the benchmarks significantly, we will continue the trades with options on the SPX.

Overview of past 3 monthly reports

Here you can find the individual reports of our real money account for the last 3 months:

How can I discuss these trades and receive them as a signal?

In our Premium Service, you will immediately know when a new trade is opened, closed, or managed.