June was kind to us and we were able to make significant gains. The well-known benchmarks, on the other hand, only ran sideways, so that we were able to further set ourselves apart. However, there were again not many trades in June. But it is better to have few trades and good performance than the other way around.

June performance in real money account

We started June with an account balance of $225,645.68 and stood at $259,988.48 on June 30th, a percentage gain of 15.27%.

Überblick 6 2021

June brought us the outperformance we had been hoping for over the past two months compared to the broad equity market.

Winning trades

  • Ratio Spread on SPX with +$58.74
  • Ratio Spread on SPX with +$87.44
  • Short Calendar Spread on VIX (VIX) with +$8,930.96
  • Short Call on Coffee (KC) with +$1,761.24
  • Ratio Spread on SPX with +$213.43

Losing trades

  • Ratio Spread on SPX with -$607.71
  • Ratio Spread on SPX with -$3,353.78
  • Ratio Spread on SPX with -$21.11

We realized $7,069.21 in profits for June. The amount of ratio spreads will continue monthly from now on so that you don’t lose money in the next crash, but may even earn something. We primarily do this hedge to hedge our VIX strategy.

Performance since the start of the real money account

Since the start of the real money account, we have achieved an overall performance of 159%.

Inception 6 2021

The real money account has been experiencing an immense boost for over a year. Now it is even more noticeable that the downward phases are less pronounced for us. Money, what you don’t lose, you don’t have to earn 😉

For comparison, the development of the known benchmarks over the same period:

Benchmarks 6 2021

You can clearly see the 2 major break-ins that we did not have to process in this form in our real money account.

Current positions in our real money account

We currently have these positions open:

Positionen 6 2021

Screenshot 01.07.2021 9:25 a.m.

As you can see, it is again the spreads that push our real money account. Particularly noteworthy is the calendar spread in Lumber (LB), which currently pours almost $17,000 into our account.

Overview of past 3 monthly reports

Here you can find the individual reports of our real money account for the last 3 months:

How can I discuss these trades and receive them as a signal?

In our Premium Service, you will immediately know when a new trade is opened, closed, or managed.