COPENHAGEN (Tradimo Interactive) – Little Traders, the award-winning free mobile game that helps casual gamers learn to trade and invest, has launched on Android in the Google Play store.

After over 50,000 organic downloads on iOS in the Apple AppStore, fans of the historic stock market simulation game had been demanding an Android launch for over two years. In China, where the game has seen the most downloads, a petition to launch an Android version has seen over 15,000 signups.

The developer, Tradimo Interactive, meanwhile expanded its popular online learning platform and released Little Traders 2 for iOS which includes a social game mode allowing players to compete with their friends before focusing on the Android version.

Little Traders is a game app about trading and investing in a 1920’s-pixel art world. It allows players to learn trading and investing skills without risking their own money and discover what life and financial markets were like in the Roaring Twenties. No prior knowledge about trading, technical analysis or stocks is required, players learn step-by-step in an interactive, non-intrusive and fun way.

Little Traders has been awarded the best mobile product and the most innovative product of the financial industry at the Finance Magnates London Summit in 2014 and 2015.

Tradimo’s mission is to empower everyone to trade and invest themselves through education and games. Little Traders is one of the innovative ways the company aims to open up the financial markets to a wider audience. Once a player has become motivated to learn to trade and invest, the company offers one of the world’s leading trading and investing mentorship services in the world.

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Please also see the Little Traders Press Kit where you can find additional information about the game, the team, screenshots and gameplay videos.


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