John Oliver’s brilliant lesson on trade wars and mockery of stupidity


If you haven’t seen the latest episode of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, you’re in for a real treat as the comedian digs into Trump’s trade war with China and the protagonists involved.

[Spoiler alert]: One of my favorite scenes is the one where he describes that the person in charge of trade in Trump’s government was found by his son-in-law while searching on Amazon…

Here’s the full part on the trade war and the people involved:

Stupidity and ignorance on the rise

Oliver’s final take on stupidity as a rising element of society reminds me of one of my favorite illustrations of the destructive dumbness, the comedy Idiocracy. Check out the opening scene and let me know if you agree that there is some similarity here:

Everything’s not lost

We’re still some steps away from the complete rule of simple lies, but economic education as offered brilliantly by our dear John here and as we are pursuing here at Tradimo is desperately needed. Take some time for your education and recommend it to others, it’s well worth it. If you’d like to start with some simple financial education, check out some of our free beginner courses.

Any tweets to Donald Trump with links to this are highly appreciated.



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