The easiest way to get Bitcoin, is to buy it through one of the many exchanges. However, there are also other ways to get free Bitcoin (or stacking sats as it is commonly referred to). Read below to discover more ways to get Bitcoin.


BlockFi has an interesting set of products to make your Bitcoin work for you.

Perhaps the most interesting product for retail investors is the ability to deposit Bitcoin (and other crypto currencies), and receive an annual compounding return of 6% for BTC. This is attractive, especially for smaller retail investors.


Additionally they offer $USD loans, using Bitcoin as collateral. This is simple and innovative. Why liquidate your BTC position, when you can borrow $USD against it.

Sign up to BlockFi, deposit $100 in Bitcoin, and get a $10 Bitcoin bonus.

Free Bitcoin with sMiles

sMiles is an app which lets users earn free Bitcoin through walking. Users who walk and use sMiles daily, will also find additional earning opportunities, like playing chess, or a fortune wheel game. sMiles also has integrated surveys, where users get a small BTC reward upon completion.

These micro incentives are exciting, and another simple way to earn free Bitcoin. Soon you will also be able to shop and get Bitcoin as cashback, which would make sMiles, an all-in-one platform to earn free BTC passively.

Earn Bitcoin for free with sMiles


Free Bitcoin with Lolli

If you have heard of the Honey browser plugin, you will be quickly familiar with Lolli. This plugin enables you to earn BTC as a cashback reward, when shopping at their partner stores. Lolli integrates natively with many popular stores including, Nike, and many others.

Download the Lolli Browser plugin here. Shop at any of their stores and earn Bitcoin as cashback today.



Coinbase is the most known place to acquire Bitcoin. However, not many people know that they have an online platform, which enables its users to earn crypto currency for completing simple courses, and learning about them. However, if you believe in Bitcoin more, than the currency you are learning about, you can quickly convert that currency to Bitcoin using their platform.

Sign up to Coinbase and get Bitcoin