Xetra is an electronic trading platform run by the Deutsche Boerse that can be used by traders on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and some other stock exchanges in Europe and other countries.

    More than 90% of trades on the Frankfurt exchange now take place on Xetra.

    What can you trade on Xetra?

    Traders use Xetra to trade a range of securities, including stocks, bonds, commodities and funds. The platform is order-driven. More than 400,000 tradable products are available on the platform and trades are matched every two minutes.

    As well as order matching, Xetra offers price determination and any size of order except where an exchange specifies a minimum order size. Orders are made according to priority and timeframe and visible orders have precedence over hidden ones.

    All trading is anonymous

    It’s a popular platform as it gives traders extra flexibility to examine the size of the order book for any security being traded. Xetra is also fast, scalable and easily adaptable for different markets.

    Trading hours are generally 0900 to 1730 CET, with slightly different hours for some products.

    Further information

    Xetra stands for “exchange electronic trading”. It was one of the first global electronic trading platforms when it launched in 1997. Its underlying software is based on Eurex, the derivatives trading platform that is also run by Deutsche Boerse.

    It is now licensed at many other stock exchanges, including all the most important European stock exchanges plus the exchanges in Ireland, Bulgaria, Budapest, Cyprus, the United Arab Emirates and Shanghai, and also the European Energy Exchange. It is also used by banks and other financial institutions.