Trading software


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    Trading softwareWhat is online tradingWhat is online trading and how does it work? Online trading... Moretrading softwareWhat is online trading software? The platform traders u... More?

    The platform traders use to analyse chartsmanage orders and execute trades is called trading software or a trading platform. Most trading software is available online.

    Charting software

    A key part of a trading platform is the charting software. It displays the price movement on a chart. Traders use it to analyse the price actionWhat is price action in trading? Price action describes t... More.

    The part of a trading platform that displays the price charts and indicators is called charting software.

    Well-known online trading software

    There is a wide variety of charting software available, differing in price, appearance and functionality. There are web-based charting packages, as well as downloadable software, such as MetaTrader 4.

    At tradimo, we offer many guides for you to learn how to configure and use MetaTrader 4 in practice:

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