Tokyo Stock Exchange


    The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) is the stock exchange of Tokyo, Japan, and is the third-largest stock exchange in the world, based upon the market capitalisation of its listed companies. It is the biggest stock exchange in Japan and East Asia, responsible for the publishing and the maintenance of the Nikkei index. Trading hours are from 0.00 to 6.00 GMT.


    The Tokyo Stock Exchange Co. Ltd. was established in 1878. In 1943 it merged with a number of other exchanges to form a single stock exchange. It closed briefly during World War II after the bombing of Nagasaki, then reopened in 1949.

    The TSE went on to experience substantial growth. By the 1990s, it accounted for more than 60% of the world’s stock market capitalisation, making it the largest stock exchange at that time. More recently, the TSE has fallen in value, but it still remains one of the three largest stock exchanges in the world.

    As with most modern exchanges, the Tokyo Stock Exchange switched to electronic trading in 1999. Two years later, the exchange was restructured from an incorporated association, with members as shareholders, to a so-called stock company.

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