Squawk box


    What is a squawk box?

    Squawk box is a term used to describe a communication device placed on a trading desk. It allows a firms’ analysts and traders to communicate directly with brokers.

    It is important for these three parties to be well connected to ensure that the right trading decisions are made. As market news breaks and analysts develop new ways to determine which direction an asset is likely to move, they use the squawk box to communicate to their findings and stay ahead of the financial markets.

    Thanks to the development of new technologies, there are now plenty of other ways for the various teams within a brokerage to communicate; many now use online instant messaging services which work alongside other live feeds of market information. However, the squawk box is still used in many investment banks and brokerages – favoured for its reliability as a means of communication.

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    Inspired by the term

    Squawk box is also the name of a television programme which airs in the breakfast slot on CNBC. Covering a range of business, finance and general markets news, the programme now features on the schedules of a number of the station’s international channels after first airing to American audiences in 1995.