SIX Swiss Exchange


    The SIX Swiss Exchange is Switzerland’s main stock exchange. It is located in Zurich and is one of the world’s 20 most important stock markets.

    The main asset classes on the SIX Swiss are Swiss government bondsstocks and derivatives.

    The SIX Swiss, previously called the SWX Swiss Exchange, was the first stock exchange globally to offer fully automated trading, clearing and settlement, which began in 1995.

    Trading hours are 0900 to 1730 hrs CET Monday to Friday.


    The main index at the SIX Swiss is the SMI (Swiss Market Index), which lists the 20 biggest and most liquid large and mid-cap blue-chip stocks according to their free float market capitalisation.

    The other indices run by SIX Swiss include:
    Swiss Performance Index (SPI), which lists selected companies from the Swiss All Share Index and some primary listed foreign shares.
    Special Industry Index (SXI), which chiefly lists real estate funds and stocks, pharmaceuticals and bio-med tech stocks.
    Swiss Bonds (SBI), which covers Swiss bonds.

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    The SIX Swiss exchange is controlled by a consortium of 55 banks, each of which has equal voting rights regarding the management and regulation of the exchange.

    The exchange co-owns Eurex, the world’s largest futures and derivatives exchange with its partner Deutsche Boerse. The German exchange proposed a merger in July 2004 with SIX Swiss, which the exchange rejected. However, the two exchanges jointly created the Scorch derivatives trading platform in 2007.

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