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    ReversalWhat is a trendWhat is a market trend in trading? A market trend is the ... More reversalWhat is a trend reversal? A trend reversal is when the m... More?

    A trend reversal is when the market direction changes completely and moves in the opposite way to the current trend.

    Remember: A trend reversal is different from a correction.

    For example, when an uptrend turns into a downtrend, or a downtrendWhat is a downtrend in trading? When the price of an asset... More turns into an uptrendWhat are uptrends in trading? When the price of an asset... More, a reversal has occurred.

    Trend reversals can occur at any time and can be difficult to predict. They can be caused by a change in fundamentals that might lead to a long-term price movement in the opposite direction.

    In the chart below, the price is in an uptrend (1) and then reverses to the downside (2).

    Uptrend break

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