NASDAQ Biotechnology Index


    The NASDAQ Biotechnology is a specific index that measures the performance of companies that are listed on the NASDAQ who are involved in biotechnological research within the field of medicine. Companies must be involved in either pharmaceutical or biotechnological industries in order to be eligible.

    This list is reviewed twice yearly in both May and November, however, it is worth noting that changes to the companies that are listed on the index can be made at any time.

    Trading the NASDAQ Biotechnology

    The NASDAQ Biotech is not the most commonly traded market on the NASDAQ and because of this, the volume can sometimes be thin. It is mainly traded through iShares, which is an asset class designed to track the performance of the index much like a stock.

    There are a number of things that can move companies in the Biotechnology sector, including but not limited to, company earnings reports, FDA approval of treatments and other company-specific news, technological innovation and dividend announcements.

    Company Listings

    As of January 2012, there were 119 companies listed on this index, however, the companies that make up the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index do not have to be American. An example of this is Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, a company with over 40,000 employees and revenues in excess of $15 billion a year.

    Further information

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