iShares is a class of exchange-traded funds that tracks the performance of an index, much like a stock.

    The iShares tracker funds follow more than 100 indices in the US, UK and 16 other countries, including the NASDAQ (and its smaller specialist indices), FTSE 100, Euronext, S&P 500 and the Nikkei 225. Many of the indices are for stocks by iShares also tracks performance for other financial instruments such as bonds, commodities and real estate.

    Trading iShares

    Many traders find iShares ETFs very easy and convenient to trade because they combine the liquidity of equity trading and the diversity of open-end funds. The ETFs are highly transparent – the company behind iShares, BlackRock, provides real-time trading data across its websites, meaning traders can quickly see how they are performing.

    As at late 2012, iShares accounted for more than $620 billion traded across close to 500 different indices and funds, and 43% of global trading for all ETF assets under management.

    Further information

    iShares website