Hong Kong Stock Exchange


    The Hong Kong Stock Exchange (SEKH) is one of Asia’s leading stock exchanges and the third largest in terms of market capitalisation after the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

    The Hong Kong Stock Exchange is the sixth largest exchange in the world. There are 1500 companies with a combined market capitalisation of approximately HK$17 trillion (US$2.2 trillion) It publishes the Hang Seng, which is one of the world’s most important trading indices comprising of large-scale corporates such as HSBC Holdings Plc.

    Trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

    The exchange provides trading in a range of financial instruments, including stocksbonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, warrants and other equity-linked securities.

    Share prices on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange are often low compared with Western peers, even for some of the bigger companies such as the Chinese oil and gas company Sinopec. It is worth noting that because of this a Hong Kong listed share price is not considered a penny stock unless it trades below HK$0.50.

    All stocks are given their own individual lot size — if you are trading online, your broker should display the lot size as well as the price when quoting. It is possible to buy shares in non-standard amounts of the stated lot size — these trades are on a separate market called the “odd lot”.

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