Hang Seng Index


    The Hang Seng is the leading stock market index in Hong Kong.

    It consists of the top 45 companies that represent approximately 70% of the market capitalisation on the Hong Kong stock exchange and so it tracks the overall performance of the Hong Kong stock market.

    The index was first published in 1969 by HSI Services Limited, a subsidiary of the Hang Seng Bank.

    The composition of the Hang Seng index is determined through analysis and external consultation. To qualify for listing, a company must display the following criteria:

    • Be among those companies that together generate 90% of the total market value of all ordinary shares of companies trading in Hong Kong.
    • Be among those that make up 90% of the total turnover on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
    • Have a listing history of 24 months to fulfil the following criteria:
    Average Market Value RankMinimum Listing History
    Top 53 months
    6 – 156 months
    16 – 2012 months
    21 – 2518 months
    Below 2524 months

    The final selection of the listed companies is then sorted in order according to the following criteria:

    • Market capitalisation and turnover ranking
    • Representation of the respective industry group
    • Financial performance

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