Flat open / Flat close / Flat trading


    What is “flat” in trading?”

    Flat is a term used in trading to describe price action that lacks significant movement. There is no specific amount or percentage to define “flat” price action.

    flat open means that the opening price of a security or asset is very close or equal to the closing price set in the previous trading session. For example, if a stock closed at $10.50 on Day 1, and opened on Day 2 at $10.51, or $10.50, or $10.49, this would be described as a flat open.

    flat close means that the closing price of a stock is very close or equal to the opening price at the beginning of the trading session.

    Flat trading means that the stock price is stable and lacking volatility during the trading session. Flat trading can be seen as form of a ranging market with low volatility. For example, if a stock opens at $10.50, and trades in a range between $10.40 and $10.60, that would be considered flat trading.