Euronext Paris (PAR)


    The Euronext Paris, formerly the Paris Bourse, is one of six exchanges owned by Euronext. It trades equities and derivatives.

    Its main index is the CAC 40, which consists of purely French companies.

    Trading hours are 0900 to 1730 CET, Monday to Friday.

    Trading on Euronext Paris

    There are two exchanges. MONEP trades equities, index and futures options. The MATIF futures exchange deals in futures and options on interest-rate products plus commodities.


    There are three components to the equities market. The main list is called the Premier Marché and it consists of large French and foreign companies, plus most bond issues.

    The Second Marché lists mid-cap (medium-sized) companies.

    The Nouveau Marché lists start-up companies that are seeking capital in order to expand. It is linked to the European equity growth market, Euro.nm. Most of the listed companies are fast-growing.

    There is also an unregulated fourth market, the Marché Libre. It lists securities that are not traded on the three regulated markets, but its transactions are administered by Euronext Paris.

    MONEP’s derivatives market consists of short-term and long-term stock options, futures and options. It uses a various Dow Jones indices to trade these.


    This exchange deals in interest-rate futures and options, chiefly for bonds such as the Euro notional bond, five-year Euro and three-month PIBOR (Paris Interbank Offered Rate). Futures trades are for the 30-year Eurobond and the two-year E-note. It also trades index futures on the CAC 40.

    MATIF’s commodities market mainly consists of futures and options on European grains.


    Besides the benchmark CAC 40 index, there are two smaller indices: the CAC Next 20, which lists the next largest 20 companies, and the CAC Mid 100, which lists the 100 most liquid mid-caps on the Premier Marché and Nouveau Marché.

    Financial data

    Euronext Paris lists a total of 586 companies, of which 528 are domestic and 58 foreign. Its market capitalisation as at 31 December 2011 was slightly under €1.2 trillion. This figure is for all products.

    Further information

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