Euronext Brussels


    The Euronext Brussels is one of three main European stock exchanges that together make up the Euronext.

    The Euronext was formed in 2000 through the merger of the Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris stock exchanges.

    Trading hours are 0900 to 1730 CET, Monday to Friday.

    Trading on Euronext Brussels

    Euronext Brussels is the smallest of the three main exchanges that make up the Euronext. It trades equitiesexchange-traded fundsbonds and derivatives.

    As at December 2011, it listed 151 companies, of which 120 are Belgian and 31 from other countries, with a total market capitalisation of some €177 billion. Like Euronext Amsterdam, the exchange is declining by around 10% year on year because of the global financial crisis.


    The BEL20 is the main index of Euronext Brussels, listing the top 20 most liquid blue-chip Belgian stocks, weighted according to both free float and market capitalisation, and updated in real time.

    The BEL Mid (BELM) and BEL Small (BELS) cover mid and small cap stocks, according to the same criteria as the BEL20.