Demo account


    What is a demo trading account?

    demo account is a simulated trading account where you can learn to trade using real-time trading data, but without spending real money.

    A simulated account gives beginner traders the opportunity to learn about the software, test strategies and gain experience in trading without actually risking money. A demo account uses real market data but virtual money, and orders are processed and tracked by the broker.

    Almost every broker offers free demo trading accounts. Some might expire after a period of time, but more often than not they will not expire.

    A major difference from real money trading is the psychological impact of risking real money. People tend to react differently when trading real money, despite the market conditions being the same.

    Trading using a demo account also helps you to gain confidence in your trading system, which in turn can help in overcoming psychological issues when trading with a real money account.

    To ensure you master the psychological aspects of trading and minimise your risk, we recommend the following two topics for you: