Arbitrage is a trading strategy which involves the purchase and resale of an asset to exploit short-term price differences between markets in order to make a profit.

    Traders who engage in arbitrage are known as “arbitrageurs”.

    How does arbitrage work?

    Market inefficiencies can mean that the price of an asset occasionally differs between markets. For example, it might be possible to buy an asset for a low price in one market, and then immediately sell it for a slightly higher price in another market. This is sometimes known as “pure” arbitrage.

    Risk Arbitrage

    Another type of arbitrage is “risk” arbitrage which involves a more speculative approach. For example, if it becomes known that the shares of Company A will soon be priced at $15 (after a takeover for example), but those shares are currently trading at $10, a trader could engage in arbitrage by purchasing shares at the lower price and selling them later (once they have reached the expected higher price), in order to make a profit.

    Arbitrage is often much more complex than this and can be applied to various financial instruments including currenciesshares and commodities.

    Are there any risks involved in arbitrage?

    Technically, “pure” arbitrage is said to be risk free, although this is often not the case in practice. There is a chance that part of the transaction could fail, and a sudden price movement may make it impossible to close the trade at a profit.

    “Risk” arbitrage involves a greater amount of risk as there is always a possibility that the price of an asset may not move as anticipated.

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    How easy is it to profit from arbitrage?

    It is not easy to profit from arbitrage, especially through exploiting small discrepancies in the markets. Advances in trading technology mean that markets are monitored by automated systems, picking up any arbitrage opportunities which are then quickly exploited and subsequently eliminated.

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