AMF (France)


    The Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF, Financial Markets Authority) is the financial regulatory body of France and was established by the Financial Security Act in 2003.

    The AMF predominantly focuses on France, but also provides financial market regulation at European and international levels and is an active member of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). It works on a bilateral basis with more than 40 European and international regulatory agencies working under the cooperation and information-sharing agreements.

    As an independent public body, the AMF is responsible for safeguarding investments in financial instruments and in all other forms of savings and investments, as well as regulating the financial markets.

    The AMF has jurisdiction over corporate finance activities and disclosures by listed companies, collective investment products such as open-end and closed-end funds, structured funds, and the market and its infrastructure.

    In the last function, the AMF regulates market operators such as Euronext Paris (which organises trading in equities, fixed income securities and derivatives), securities settlement systems and central securities depositaries, such as Euroclear France. It also approves the rulebooks of clearing houses, such as Clearnet, which centralise transactions on a daily basis; it establishes the operating requirements for clearing members.

    Finally, AMF oversees financial services providers such as investment firms, management companies and financial investment advisors.

    For further information see the AMF website.v