Euronext 100


    Die Euronext 100 ist Euronext’s wichtigster Index, ein Benchmarkindex, der die 100 größten, liquidisten und meist gehandelsten Blue-Chip-Aktien der 5 großen europäischen Börsen in Amsterdam, Brüssel, Lisabon, London und Paris listet.

    Companies listed on the index account for more than 80% of the Euronext’s total market capitalisation across all its indices and traded financial instruments. In September 2012, this amounted to approximately €1.76 billion.

    All listed companies are classified according to their industry sector.

    Criteria for inclusion

    Stocks listed on the Euronext 100 must have a rolling trade of at least 20% of their free float over any one-year analysis period.

    Companies that have an IPO at least two months before the index’s quarterly review can be included if their shares have traded at least 20% of the free float since becoming a public company.

    The index is reviewed every six months, in May and November, on the basis of each company’s liquidity and size, and adjusted accordingly.