Is Cryptocurrency the Biggest Bubble of all Time?


The topic of whether cryptocurrencies are in the biggest bubble of all time is very popular. After all, the cryptocurrency market cap as a whole has risen exponentially since Bitcoin was first introduced in 2008 and even since the beginning of 2017. No other market in the world has seen the parabolic momentum the cryptocurrency market has experienced. Therefore, is cryptocurrency the biggest bubble of all time?

Before answering this, we must compare the cryptocurrency market to other markets in the world that could potentially be in a bubble. To better understand the extent of these markets, you will find a visual representation here:

Is Cryptocurrency the Biggest Bubble of all Time
Is Cryptocurrency the Biggest Bubble of all Time?

The cryptocurrency market cap is $294 billion with a peak at around $800 billion in January of this year. Comparing this with gold, the total value of all the worlds gold is $7.8 trillion, or roughly 31 times that of the cryptocurrency market. An even bigger comparison is of the global stock market which has a market cap of $77.7 trillion. Even bigger, is the total global money supply which is valued at $95.7 trillion, the global real estate market at $217 trillion, and the world’s largest potential bubble is global debt, totalling $247 trillion.

Now, with these statistics in mind, if each market mentioned above was a bubble, it’s clear that the cryptocurrency market is not even close to being the biggest bubble of all time. Also, who’s to say a highly advanced and innovative new market like the cryptocurrency market is in a bubble? It still has so much potential upside as it is basically a brand new digital asset class that serves a purpose in our ever evolving digital world. All in all, if the cryptocurrency market is a bubble, it has only just began to grow and will be much bigger before it truly pops.

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