100K real money account

Tradimo opened its 100k real money account on May 8, 2018. We use this account to place real trades based on our strategies and share them with our Premium members for educational purposes. Premium members can see real-time updates and trade ideas in our signal community, non-premium members can find monthly updates on the news site.

To join our Premium club and see trade ideas from our 100k real money account, visit Tradimo Premium. Apart from the trade ideas, subscribers receive access to premium educational programmes called Nanodiplomas. Also, we hold regular Premium webinars where you can ask all your questions to your mentors.

We have great news for you. As of today, we officially launched our own $100,000 real money trading account at CapTrader. As a Tradimo Premium member you have the opportunity to see our Tradimo coaches Matthias Denecke and Matthias Knopf...

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