Attention Traders! we want your Trading Story

We want your Trading Story

What happens when a trading learning platform meets the real-life stories of those who work in trading?

All of a sudden everything makes sense because the learner can relate to other traders and the financial world stops being an alien world.

We want your Trading Story

Now it is your turn!

“So much talk about stocks and Forex, when I finally saw what a candlestick was I thought… seriously, this massive financial world can be understood by the shapes of some of these? I love finding patterns. I feel like Neo in the Matrix :D”

We want to hear your story!

Tradimo, the trading learning platform, has joined forces with, the trading podcast platform that thousands of traders have used to share their experiences. Are you a trader at any level? If so, we really want to hear from you! We would like to interview you on our podcast so that you can tell us your story: your experience, your beginnings, your successes and your failures, your business ideas, your life while you trade stocks, Forex, futures– you name it.

Contact Tradimo or Trading Story by email at Or just send us a message on any social media where you see this message. We will get back to you and invite you to be on our show. Send us links to your social networks, business websites and any other relevant information. We want to tell everyone about you.


Since you are here, you may want to know a bit more about all of us:

Tradimo is a learning platform where you can learn everything about trading. Seriously. You can learn even if you have barely heard about things like trading, Forex, shares and cryptocurrencies. In addition, if you are already a trader, you will find materials to polish your knowledge, strategies to apply and new trading methods you may want to explore. Check out the courses, nanodiplomas and Premium memberships at

TradingStory is a site for traders to inspire and be inspired by other traders. The Trading Story podcast has been running for years. It has showcased hundreds of traders and inspired tens of thousands. Check out everything it has to offer at


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