It is time to set new goals. The success of our account forces us to proclaim a new trading target for the third time.

An original trading target of 30%

Originally, we set the trading target of 30% for 2018. Since we only started the account on May 7, the account balance at the end of the year would have been $120,000. However, we reached this goal on September 12.

Adjusted the trading target to 40%

After reaching the $120,000 mark, we needed new motivation and pushed up the trading target for 2018 by another 10%. Our new trading target was then 40%, which equates to a year-end balance of $126,670. But again, we reached this goal just two days ago.

New trading target of 50%

We have just set the $133,333 trading target for this year. Currently, the account stands at $127,251. We still need $6,082, which equates to a required performance of 4.78% and is very realistic.

Insight into our account

In the following, we want to give you some insights into our real money account.

Here you can see the performance of the account since its launch on May 7:

As you can see, it initially ran a bit slow and the maximum drawdown was 6.64%.

Of course, it is also interesting how the daily profits and losses are distributed. We pay a lot of attention to conservative money and risk management:

By far the worst day in our real money account was July 19, giving us a 3.81% loss.

These figures are difficult to interpret without comparison. For this reason, here is a comparison with some well-known indices, such as the S&P 500, DAX and Nikkei:

We would like to emphasize once again that we have not increased our risk in order to achieve a better performance.

You can participate in this success

One way to participate is to start an apprenticeship with us and become a premium member. Another way is to just receive the signals from us in the real money account by signing up for our chat and signal community.


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